Lord of the Breakfasts – Taranaki

What’s the best breakfast you ever had? The best breakfast I ever had was at Inglewood in Taranaki, (ehem, New Zealand), almost three years ago. I´d decided to travel around the North Island on my own and Inglewood happened to be in my way.

I was leaving New Plymouth, the day was beautiful and I was hungry as, suddenly, as soon as I was driving by this wee town I saw this sign: “Farmers breakfast” at Macfarlanes Cafe, I pulled over, entered the place and ordered my first real kiwi breakfast.

I asked for the special, it took no time, literally 3 minutes to get a beautiful flat white (with freaking cookies on the side man!) which I stared drinking, it was heaven, never had a coffee like this before.

Coffee in NZ is gorgeous, great baristas, great coffee, good price. Pretty much anywhere in New Zealand you can get a gourmet coffee (some coffee enthusiasts will disagree, however, for the amateur coffee lovers this is true) for a very good price. Then, just five minutes after I sat down, the co-owner of Macfarlanes arrives with my breakfast.

Aye, that´s the place – Just awesome

Two poached eggs mounted on NZ bacon (close to Canadian bacon) on top of two, perfectly toasted and buttered, thick slices of rustic bread. These slices rested on a white plate divided by two sauces; a parsley vinaigrette and a white sauce with plenty of black pepper.

The mounted poached eggs were crowned by a gorgeous hollandaise sauce and a pinch of paprika. It tasted right, the way every breakfast for the rest of your life should taste.

The service was great and the price? Well, at the time it was NZ$8, coffee included. Next time you happen to be driving close to Inglewood go to Macfarlanes Cafe, you, certainly, won´t regret it.

Check out the following link  for more information, just drive by, get of your car, and freaking get in and order whatever from the menu, it will change your definition of breakfast  http://www.inglewood.co.nz/information/cafe-restaurant/

As simple as this,

Ps. Norway and Australia just had some important democratic activity among their population, it seems that democracy, when it devolves in very conservative projects serves no one. Let´s see how this works out for two amazingly well diverse and modern States.

Ps 2. What´s the view from Inglewood? Pretty much something like this: