Canada, Poutine and Gay Marriage

I have such a bad memory, but my German aunt doesn’t, so she clearly reminded me that it’s been almost 10 years since the last time I set foot on the Great North. So there I was, on the 14th of October, arriving to Toronto Airport, where my cousin Karen and her fiance, Cheyenne, were waiting for me.


Niagara Falls – Far out, bro! 

Karen and Cheyenne are two wonderful girls, and the most important reason for me being there was their wedding… and eating poutine again! (Poutine is a Canadian dish, originated in the province of Québec, made with French fries and cheese curds topped with a light brown gravy.)


Lake Ontario 

So there I was, at this beautiful chapel, while Cheyenne was standing there by the atrium, waiting for my uncle to walk my cousin down the aisle. Suddenly, all the attendees stood up, turned to the entrance and there she was, holding my uncle´s arm with a shy smile on her face. My uncle looked proud, happy and, honestly, he brought it, wearing that pretty awesome suit.


Anyway, where was I? Right, #LoveIsLove and poutine is awesome. So, the ceremony was fantastic and I couldn’t be happier that I got the chance to be there with them.


Going back to my Canadian experience, well, my neighbours have taken their love for poutine to the next level. While I was there I had pizza topped with poutine, regular poutine, poutine and eggs and I reckon somewhere in Toronto they were selling poutine icecream (this last one might not be real at all).

So, that was part of my abroad experience this 2016. After my cousin’s wedding I crossed the border into the USA, headed to Washington D.C, then to NYC. But that’s for a different post.


PS: Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, certainly is a beacon of hope for the Americas and the Western countries, as he understands how a global civil society should work together towards development, tolerance, and respect. In times where racist and authoritarian leaders rise in the horizon, we should be suspicious of behaviors that equal to those seen in fascist, nationalist and tyrannical regimes from our recent history.


Gay Marriage and All The Single Ladies

So, gay marriage was legalized in New Zealand on April the 17th. This day the Kiwi Parliament passed the law; which meant a historic event in New Zealand’s short existence as a Nation State. The law was voted 77 favour to 44 against, and when the decision was finally announced the place was filled with expressions of joy and happiness.

The point here is not gay marriage, is the consolidation of New Zealand as a country pro human rights, working hard as one, regardless of some historic differences, to set an example for rest of the world. Gay marriage is not the issue, is marriage itself and the fact that every single citizen in their countries need to have equal rights and equal means to fulfill their lives as human beings.

We must follow the examples set by New Zealand and recently France regarding the matter, and welcome ourselves to a better and more plural society. Honestly, stop using quotes from the bible against the gay community or telling us how hard would it be for you to explain to your kids that gays are allowed to marry. About this last point, they are your kids, the issue isn’t gay marriage itself, is the fact that you don’t know how to communicate with your children, but that’s a different issue.

“I Now pronounce you, Bro and… Bro, sweet as!”

I’m happy for all my gay friends, whom I’ve witnessed live with their other half happily, and now they are able to legally present their union to the rest of the community. This means more weddings, and fiestas and celebrations, and life is all about celebrating it, no matter what excuse we use.

Those against gay marriage, should keep their opinions to themselves, like the way I dislike Maroon 5 but still sing along with my friends who like that rubbish, because I love my friends. They have the right to sing that, the same way I have the right to eat a whole bucket of  KFC without getting judgmental looks from them, right?

I think this testimonial sums up what I’m trying to say: 

  • “I just got a text from my mother … and I was quite thrilled to have her say she thinks I should have the same opportunities as my brother, who’s straight, so that’s really nice to have that support from my parents.” /Scott Summerfield, 22