An Ode to Pork Fat

Yes, master

As some of you know, I’m a cuisine enthusiast, I love cooking and trying new recipes, but there’s one thing I love cooking and eating: Pork. This is one of my weakness, thankfully, pork is an important ingredient in Mexican traditional cooking. If you are throwing a Christmas dinner without pork it’ll be a big disappointment (true story). My mum did it once, I still haven’t forgiven her for that.

Once you go porkfat you never go backPork in its many presentations can be found all around Mexico. Pork stewed, roasted, pickled, sealed, fried, etc, every region has its own recipes for cooking pork. My favourite is “Chicharron“, which is a dish made of fried pork rinds. One place that has taken this dish to perfection is a butchery located in Monterrey, Mexico. Carnes Ramos uses a traditional method for its famous “Chicharron prensado” (pressed crackling). They deep fry the pork cheeks with the Ramos’ secret recipe, and later pressed into perfection. The result? A tender juicy meat followed by a perfectly crunchy crackling. If you come to Monterrey, stop by “La Ramos” and order a Kg or so of this beauty, you won’t regret it (well, maybe you’ll feel a little guilty afterwards… just a little).

I´m just going to leave this one here…

When I thought that pork couldn’t surprise me anymore, it did in a very odd but magical way. Last weekend I attended a friend’s wedding, during dinner I watched the waiters serving soup, it looked orange-ish and I thought it was a sort of carrot cream. It smelled meaty and smokey, then I got the chance to taste it, it was beautiful, what was it? Chicharron cream (pork crackling cream or Creme du Chicharron). A beautiful blend of pork crackling, roasted tomatoes and garlic, dried ancho chilli, bayo beans, chicken stock and fresh cream.   If I could marry a cream, that was it.

Sorry for the nationalistic picture…

I gotta go, I’m hungry now.

Ps. If you want to try an outstanding recipe, go for Gordon Ramsay’s Pressed Belly of Pork, F***ing delicious! – “It has these wonderful layers of fat, packed with flavour” G.R.

Ps2. “Putin hasn’t made a monster of himself. He has made a fool of himself.” Said by Stephen Fry on his letter to the jailed Russian band Pussy Riot. (Imprisoned after performing a protest song against Vladimir Putin).

Ps3. On a related subject, Lauro Tijerina, aka “El Carnitas” (His alias literally means: deep fried pork meat, a dish from Michoacan, Mexico) was captured today. He is the alleged regional manager of one of the main drug cartels operating in the state of Nuevo Leon.