Venezuela is not Alone

This is merely inspirational and bias,  and does not represent the opinion of the Venezuelan people whatsoever. It´s my own, because you know why? This is my damn blog and I can talk about politics from the bottom of my heart if I want to. I can express myself about Venezuela without needing to show you reliable sources or academics´opinion backing up my thoughts on the matter.

Nicolas Maduro´s government is wrong, period. 

Regardless of the people protesting on the streets, the international media criticizing his government and the international human rights organizations following closely how the Venezuelans are being treated by the authority, Maduro´s administration lacks common sense, respect for civil rights and severe violations to universal human rights.

I just finished watching an interview to the Venezuelan Ambassador in Dominican Republic. The lad was disrespectful, rude and obnoxious to the journalists who granted him some time on live television to present the point of view of the government he represents abroad. He served only as a repeating machine for Maduro´s rhetoric, shallow, loud and ignorant. Claiming that the fascists, the American Empire and the international media are responsible for the chaos that Venezuela is currently facing. This guy is incredibly wrong, and the people who back up Maduro´s administration are wrong as well. Why? Simply because he is repressing his own people, not only during the recent protests, but since the 2000´s started, Venezuela hasn´t really reached its potential, and its people haven´t enjoyed freedom nor peace.

Nowadays, Maduro isn´t only hurting Venezuela, he is strangulating the freedom of its people, scarring the Venezuelan society from the inside.

Venezuela, a country of millions of bright men and women is being silenced by this dictator; while the Venezuelans abroad cry for help and restless send the same message to their friends and relatives:

“You are not alone, help is on its way”. 

Ps. Mexico isn´t doing great either by the way, while the president goes abroad presenting Mexico as an investors haven, our society crumbles while violent groups have overthrown the authorities. Some regions now have civilians defending themselves, and as far as I know, this is supposed to be the government´s responsibility.


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