I know what you are thinking, “Really? Are you honestly going to follow one of these obnoxious trends on the internet? Are you willing to keep track of 100 happy moments in your life for 100 days?”…

Seriously, I know this is weird, but when a friend told me she was doing this I got sort of excited about it; not because she is doing it, but the fact that she presents herself to others as a bitter-grinchy-realistic person. Although we all know she is a freaking cotton ball, nice and with a kind heart, however, the fact that she was into it, looking for that happy moment of her day for a 100 days, got my attention.

As explained on the website: http://100happydays.com/ this activity is simple, you just go looking for that happy moment every day, post it online, either using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (these are the ones I´ve chosen), with the hashtag #100HappyDays and the day you are posting from the challenge. It isn´t that hard really, and is fun! 

I´ve always considered my self an optimistic person, and I reckon that the reason others are pessimistic or always feeling blue is because they look at life from the wrong angle. Happiness is all around us, and if you are reading this you have a lot to be grateful (Unless you are a gay person living in Uganda, an unhappy Venezuelan in Venezuela, or a revolutionary chap in Ukraine… Hey, at least you have wifi).

The website starts with this great sentence: “Can you be happy for a 100 days in a row?” It later says that 71% of people didn´t complete the challenge arguing that they didn´t have enough time and they were “super” busy.

The website says it all if you are smart enough to notice what it implies. What they are really saying is: “Happiness depends on you, and in order to be happy you ought to give yourself some time to… well, to make yourself happy”.

Why would I do that? People successfully completing the challenge claimed to:

  •  Start noticing what makes them happy every day;
  •  Be in a better mood every day;
  •  Start receiving more compliments from other people;
  •  Realize how lucky they are to have the life they have;
  •  Become more optimistic;
  •  Fall in love during the challenge.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go for it, you have nothing to lose, unless you don´t have a smartphone or a digital camera or… well you know, “some time”.

Every time I need to put a smile on my face, I just look at this picture for a couple of minutes 🙂

Ps. My boss recently lent me a cooking book, like a really Mexican traditional dishes cooking book, she said “There you go, have it for a couple of weeks and cook something from the book”. So, I´ll be posting one of its recipes this weekend, wait for it.



The Personality of Your Face

I was having a  not so bitter conversation with my boss on our way to the office the other day, I stated that people´s personality could be predicted by their facial features. To this, she abruptly disagreed, and asked me for scientific prove to defend my point, I was tired and not really willing to take part on this discussion, so I promised myself I´ll clear this foggy theory with the appropriate (and convenient for me) amount of evidence.

This chart explains it all… well, not really, I just have a crush on both of them. (and Amy Adams, but that´s for another post)

According to the “Leading Personality” WordPress blog, the art or science behind facial reading is explained by physiognomy, really, it isn´t a term made up by me, look it up, don´t be a lazy chap. But wait a second, one thing is to read people´s faces and to imply how they will react to you or the environment, and another is to suggest that people with certain face features will be more oriented to some kind of political views, spiritual beliefs or just good or evil.

Well, go figure

First of all we need to identify the aspects that will help us to understand faces and personalities: one, the physical characteristics of your face (face shape, lips, eyebrows, nose, chin, etc); and the way that person reacts to certain situations, by this I mean how much this person expresses emotions through his face.

Pretty much

The main question is: can we tell the personality of somebody just by looking at his face? I reckon this is possible, and there are plenty of studies that state that according to your facial characteristics you are more probable to react in a specific way to some external stimulus (ha… stimulus)

Apparently, the way you look tells us a lot more about you than you think. Somehow certain facial characteristics, shared among certain groups, define the way they interact among themselves as well as their personalities. For example, if you have a round face you are more likely to be sensitive and caring (however, with strong sexual fantasies); what about the people with oblong faces? According to the Leading Personality blog, they are more likely to weighed along narcissism and problematic relationships; but be aware of those with a square face, although intelligent and decisive mind, they tend to be aggressive and of dominant nature.

I have another theory of my own, that the more we look like a certain historical or popular figure, we create an intangible and unconscious bond with how these individuals behaved/behave. So, if you look like Danny DeVito you might reflect some traces of his personality on the way you interact with others. But hey, that´s just me and this is totally bias; but, don´t be surprise if you have an aquiline nose shape and you have a strong commanding power, determination and pride.

Just remember he is famous and… well, you aren´t

They also mention something about hair type, but I´m bald, so you go and look it up yourself.

Ps. Find bellow this great ad aired by Telecom NZ almost three years ago, when XT technology didn´t work as promised, Paul Reynolds apologized in this 1 minute ad. In my opinion, the fact that this company faced the issue and apologized to its clients publicly and with great sense of humour must be followed by other transnationals around the world.

Venezuela is not Alone

This is merely inspirational and bias,  and does not represent the opinion of the Venezuelan people whatsoever. It´s my own, because you know why? This is my damn blog and I can talk about politics from the bottom of my heart if I want to. I can express myself about Venezuela without needing to show you reliable sources or academics´opinion backing up my thoughts on the matter.

Nicolas Maduro´s government is wrong, period. 

Regardless of the people protesting on the streets, the international media criticizing his government and the international human rights organizations following closely how the Venezuelans are being treated by the authority, Maduro´s administration lacks common sense, respect for civil rights and severe violations to universal human rights.

I just finished watching an interview to the Venezuelan Ambassador in Dominican Republic. The lad was disrespectful, rude and obnoxious to the journalists who granted him some time on live television to present the point of view of the government he represents abroad. He served only as a repeating machine for Maduro´s rhetoric, shallow, loud and ignorant. Claiming that the fascists, the American Empire and the international media are responsible for the chaos that Venezuela is currently facing. This guy is incredibly wrong, and the people who back up Maduro´s administration are wrong as well. Why? Simply because he is repressing his own people, not only during the recent protests, but since the 2000´s started, Venezuela hasn´t really reached its potential, and its people haven´t enjoyed freedom nor peace.

Nowadays, Maduro isn´t only hurting Venezuela, he is strangulating the freedom of its people, scarring the Venezuelan society from the inside.

Venezuela, a country of millions of bright men and women is being silenced by this dictator; while the Venezuelans abroad cry for help and restless send the same message to their friends and relatives:

“You are not alone, help is on its way”. 

Ps. Mexico isn´t doing great either by the way, while the president goes abroad presenting Mexico as an investors haven, our society crumbles while violent groups have overthrown the authorities. Some regions now have civilians defending themselves, and as far as I know, this is supposed to be the government´s responsibility.

Eggs for Breakfast

It is time to post more food and less politics or thoughts. This is gonna be quick, so don´t even bother to sit back and relax while you read this.

I know I talk a lot about having tacos for breakfast, or really greasy stuff right after you wake up, but in reality, one of my favourite ways to start my days is with some eggs. Fried, poached, scrambled, you name it bitch! … sorry, I got a little carried away there.

Easy as Sunday morning

Easy as Sunday morning

Cooking eggs is the easiest thing in the book, really, bare with me here, I mean, you just need to scramble them and put the result on a medium hot pan and stir it once in a while for 3 to 4 minutes and that´s it. I´m not saying that poaching an egg is the easiest thing, but hey, eventually we´ll get there in our lives. One day you will wake up will say to yourself “Today I´m poaching some goddamn eggs”, and you will fail miserably.

I used roasted kumaras, I reckon you should do the same, mate.

I used roasted kumaras, I reckon you should do the same, mate.

Eggs were part of the most amazing breakfast I ever had, and eggs are an important ingredient for many recipes, like bread, cakes, quiche, sauces, and a lot of traditional oriental foods. Almost all of us have eaten an egg at least once in our lives, but, there´s so much than just white and yellow in what we have consumed.

For the following explanation I will quote Wikipedia, as this is getting technical:

That´s right little buddy, you won´t make it.

“The shape of an egg resembles a prolate spheroid with one end larger than the other, with cylindrical symmetry along the long axis. An egg is surrounded by a thin, hard shell.

Inside, the egg yolk is suspended in the egg white by one or two spiral bands of tissue called the chalazae(from the Greek word χάλαζα, meaning hailstone or hard lump).”

So, that sums it up, pretty much, we crack that shell and pour its content in a  pan, tray, mouth, or whatever and we enjoy its silky, smooth, distinguishable texture.

Ps1. As you´ve noticed I´ve placed pictures o some of the things I´ve cooked using eggs.


A Holy Review on God´s Entourage

You might not know this, but I learnt to read since I was a very wee kid, and I wasn’t just reading kids books, I was reading some stuff not suitable for my young age (not  like freaking Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey). So, the reason for this post is to talk about one of the books that astonished me the most while I was growing up, “La Tournée de Dios” by Enrique Jardiel Poncela. It was written and published in 1932, and it presents a brilliant story where the author portrays the hypothetical arrival of God to Earth (regardless of his/her existence) for a wee visit. Indeed, at the time I read it the thought of having the Christian God among us, hanging out, telling us about his point of view regarding the human race, never occurred to me before.

Have you tried playing that game as a child? It was more difficult than paying your tuition as a grown up.

Jardiel Poncela begins dedicating this book to God itself, and presents it as an “almost divine novel”, as well as thanking the left and right political views, communism, the republic, the atheists, and human kind.

So God comes to earth, right? And one of the first things that people notice is that he isn´t really that into “humans”, he presents himself as a dictator (and dictatorship as the best political system for humans), shocking everybody as the current debate among internationalists was about the best political model in an Utopian world.

Throughout the author´s sarcasm, God expresses his opinions to the public, the media, the governments, and the Vatican itself. The Pope, feeling overshadowed by God and his harsh criticism to the foundation of the Catholic Church, fakes sickness and secludes himself in his room, fearing the thought of being replaced by God among Christians.

What is amazing about his narrative is the fact that Jardiel Poncela criticizes, through God´s statements, his own society; calling it shallow, lame, anxious, lazy and ineffably uncomfortable with committing to anything.  Which, now that I think about it, his opinions apply to nowadays Western Civilization.

Best known as… I want to go to pee but I´m way too comfortable in my bed.

We´ve became hedonistic/egocentric brats, unable to emphasize with somebody else´s disgrace without taking a snapshot of it and uploading it to Facebook/Twitter.

The level of our discomforts stays in the vicinity of social media, where we protest, argue, and “defend” human and animal rights by retweeting and sharing. We question not what we fail to understand, but the fact that “things” aren´t properly explained us, discarding the topic and moving on to the next one without mercy.

“Humanity, unleashed and shameless, lost self-confidence, and no concept of duty, cocky, arrogant and foolish, full of haughtiness, not willing to resign, frivolous and frantic forgotten serenity and simplicity, ambitious and sad , demanding much more to life than life can give, deprived of the joy for the joy that is the only way of joy, running madly towards the final bankruptcy.” – Enrique Jardiel Poncela.

This is just the way Louis CK said modern society would react to Jesus second coming to Earth, where we wouldn´t be able to stay put to Jesus´message to men because social media must be briefed with the “individual exclusive” of our tweets about Jesus.

The story is full with gracious characters and hilarious situations where God simply gives up on human kind, wait, no, is the other way around, human kind gives up on God as he becomes available, reachable, losing his mysticism.

“In the divine, the bygone youths had faith and believed. Today’s youth do not have faith nor believe. And one thinks… having no faith.”

Ps. Interesting how the international community has looked away from Putin´s despicable actions against the LGTB community in Russia, especially on the dawn of the Winter Olympic Games that will take place in Sochi. Harsh to think of some nations fight for freedom and human rights on foreign land, but only against adversaries that are easily defeated.

Ps 2. Or maybe, this is just an anti Russia media campaign foster by the American just like the good old days?

Ps3. Have you been following what the international journalists who have arrived to Sochi already have encountered? The Washington Post gives us a good glance here.