Some Foodie Recommendations in Mexico City

One of my favourite hobbies, besides cooking and traveling, is obviously eating. Since I arrived to Mexico City I´ve been amazed by the amount of great restaurants, markets and street food stands that have totally satisfied my foodie needs. What I do in order to find these places is to go for long walks, loooong walks, like bring a tent and stuff, and casually bump into them.

Dating Service

Something a lot like this… some beef jerky might be cool as well.

On the past few weeks I´ve found, or I´ve been introduced to great restaurants, which I´ll like to recommend you whenever you are having some spare time in the capital of Mexico, or if you just feel like having some good lunch while experiencing something new.

La Burguesa (Cozumel 67, esquina Colima, Roma Norte; Mexico City)

I went to this place last week, not expensive at all, it prepares some of the most amazing burgers in the city. This place is located in the Roma Norte neighborhood, and the meals go from NZ$12 to NZ$16; the quality of its ingredients is outstanding. La Burguesa serves its food in a wee place, nice tables and decoration, great ambiance and some familiarity in the air gives you enough confidence to try the intrepid combinations that its chef has created.

The main specialty is “La Fuerte”, which is a burger with lamb mince, Camembert, and spinach cream. As one customer said on the internet, this is the kind of food that when you chew it you don´t know if go for the next bite or just hope that what you are enjoying in your mouth never ends.


“Le Pain Quotidien” (Insurgentes Sur 1630 or at Oscar Wilde 30 esquina Virgilio, Polanco)

Oh well, the name says it all, this is “the traditional” French place for a good, and somehow healthy, bite. The service is efficient and unexpected, and the food is simple but beautifully arranged. The “Tartines” seem to be the specialty at this place, I´ve tried some of them and I recommend the smoked salmon one, which might be their finest product. This tartine just melts in your mouth while salmon, rustic bread, olive oil and dill weed mix in your mouth, taking you somewhere else.

They have a sharing table concept, so you can enjoy your meal with strangers if you are there by yourself, as well as a decent selection of beer and wine and the quality of the ingredients is remarkable. Oh, don´t forget to visit the “groceries” section, fantastic, however brief, variety of organic and delicious products. Visit their website, it is pretty neat as well.

Follow them on twitter too, don´t be shy: @le_pain_q_mx

Now, put your trainers on and go for a good walk around the city, we might bump into each other and might even share some tamales…. not, I don´t share my tamales, ever.


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