One Week Smartphone Free

You will be missed….

So, it finally happened, I lost my smartphone, it was a beautiful Galaxy SIII, black, smooth, great definition, sharp texture, nice form, amazing. Now all this is gone, it ran away from my masculine Mexican hands yesterday in the afternoon. I rang myself, no answer, after twenty minutes somebody has turned it off, or maybe it turned off by itself, not wanting to hear from me anymore.

Or maybe it couldn´t stand all those “Artsy” selfies

My mobile decided to leave me, maybe it was a lot going on among us, it decided that there were many things he didn´t want to know about me nor my mates´lives.

Was it my lame taste in music, perhaps? My tacky memes that my mates were sending me and I was forwarding to other mates? The way I prostituted my life by posting pointless and ridicules updates on Facebook or uninteresting tweets on Twitter? I will never know. 

In the meantime I´ll carry this…



It just abandoned me, we never got the chance to talk about our differences, or how it felt about me throwing it harshly to the nearest couch when arriving home. We never had a reconfiguration of its OS, or a decent update for the latest version Samsung was freaking asking all the time for me to do, or some added value applications uploaded to it.

It was great while it lasted, we went places and shared our greatest moments together with my mates; well, now that I think about it, I never paired it with another similar device for the exchange of suggestive files or juicy documents, that might have been one of the reasons it left.

I´m not crying (click on the pic for the video)

“Smartphones are like people, they hang out with you for a while, learn what´s interesting about you, share some valuable information upon request, but one day, they just leave you without notice, taking all your private information and great memories. I guess they just want to see other people, and never call you back.” – Leviticus 12, 31-35

Ps. Oh, the title of this post, due to my current circumstances I´ve decided to take one week off from this amazing technology.

Ps2. Tech withdrawal is a bitch!


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