Figs and Stuff Like That

Apparently it’s figs’ season in Mexico. I don’t know when I started liking this fruit, but the flavour is amazing. Just the combination of colours makes wonder if there’s anything more beautiful and tasty than figs.

I reckon the second time I tried a fig, it was gently wrapped in Spanish ham. The contrast of the salty cured ham with the sweetness of the fig, plus the texture of the outside of the fruit makes a great combination.

Some people tend to forget that experiencing new flavours is another way to open our minds to new and bright ideas. Let’s be honest, if you settle for grilled meat, burgers, frozen food and pizza, you, my mate, aren’t really enjoying yourself in terms of food consumption.

I´m not telling you: go vegan, no freaking way. Neither: buy only organic, because, let´s face it, sometimes some of us don´t have that choice or it isn’t affordable. What I’m telling you is “Try new things, experience new flavours”, that’s pretty much it.

If you order a shrimp cocktail and instead of tasting the freshness of the seafood by itself you add a lot of ketchup and Tabasco sauce, you, my mate, should have ordered a cup of cucumber instead.

If you order your steak well done, you, my mate, aren’t willing to enjoy the real flavours of that meat, the juices, and textures only present in a medium cooked rib eye, outstanding.

If you, my mate, refuse to try fresh sashimi, escargots, insects or roasted kumaras, well, open your heart and mingle, you won’t regret it. Don’t settle for the usual, give yourself the chance to travel around the world without leaving your city, just by eating new things.

Ps. We can’t say that what happened during the Boston marathon a couple of weeks ago isn’t worth talking about in the media; but there are other horrible things happening in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America that shouldn’t be overshadowed by this event, and shall not be underestimated.

Ps2. President Barack Obama will be visiting Mexico tomorrow, great chance to see the interaction of the leader of the free world with the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto. Let’s hope Enrique has improved his English pronunciation.


One thought on “Figs and Stuff Like That

  1. Couldn’t agree more on your Boston comment! It’s really sad to see how naïve the general public can be to just bite into whatever media feeds them. More people die in certain parts of the world every hour than did in the Boston Marathon but who cares? In a country as far out as India, the Boston Marathon bombing got front page coverage while incidents way more serious in terms of body-count get pushed into the sidelines, if at all even covered!

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