Green Freaking Tea Bro!

Since 2013 started I’ve changed many personal habits. I stopped drinking soda, I used to drink plenty of diet coke just for the caffeine, but I decided to stop that. I’m walking a lot more and using more the public transportation. Finally, I introduced Green Tea to my every day diet.

At first I was hesitant, as the flavour isn’t great, but after a week I did notice certain changes. First, I felt more awake, focused and alert. Second, my digestive system started working better and getting rid of toxins. Third, the flavour grew in me and now I like it.

There are several benefits that green tea gives you. It is made from the leaves of Camelia Sinensis, which comes from China. Green tea is always associated with South-east Asian cuisine and its millenarian cultures, I mean, there’s a reason they keep drinking this and living long lives, right? The benefits of green tea are claimed by many, however, the scientific studies to prove these claims have been inconclusive.

I do feel much better and, glad I took this path instead of drinking soda.  Go for it, I used to be a BIG soda drinker, now that’s in the past, sorry Coca Cola company. I also used to drink a LOT of Coffee, I still love my coffee, don’t get me wrong, but having green tea as “The” healthy option feels great.

Ps. A great friend of mine, Gabriel Saldana, is a tea enthusiast, I bet that you could find more information about tea in his blog.

Ps2. I’ve found a job, a great job, I’ve moved to Mexico City (city I love!) and started a new life here. I reckon I need to start crossing off some of my 2013 new years resolutions, right? 🙂