Mexican Holidays

Winter is here and the Christmas and New year spirit was everywhere. As much as this isn’t my favourite part of the year, Christmas reunites families and lets the best of us out (al least for some days).

As I’m currently spending time with my folks, mum decided to host the Christmas dinner. Turkey and pork are mandatory; potato and beetroot salad as well; green and red sauce spaghetti are like an institution here; and of course, Viscayne Cod (Bacalao a la Viscaina) which is off the hook. These dishes are the result of centuries of blending together Mexican, Spanish, Arab and Germanic recipes. Dishes embraced by my family and reinvented by women and men who lived, ate and loved before me.

Noche Buena: A Good Night…

I’ve decided, long time ago, to learn these dishes by heart, as Christmas and New Years celebrations were here. I hope that, maybe, later on, I’ll be able to replicate these amazing dishes. Let me tell you something before I leave, if you are ever around Mexico during this time of the year try the Noche Buena beer, really good.

I wish to all of you a great 2013 and hope that you accomplish whatever you put your mind on. Never stop believing.


Ps. What are your new years resolutions? Try making a good and achievable list, starting with “making a new years resolution”. This way you’ll have crossed the first of your resolutions for 2013.


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