The Facebook Paradox

I woke up to some disturbing news in the local paper this morning. Apparently, a teenager was expelled from school because of something she posted on facebook. “What did that bitch do to you?’ she asked to her friend, allegedly referring to one of the school teachers. The dean saw this on the student’s account and let the director and school teacher know about it. She was expelled without a warning, nor suspension and without following the norms and policies from the Public Education System.

That’s exactly what I thought!

When the director was approached by the media, the student’s mum and the municipality’s Human Rights and Education Office, she refused to re-admit the student regardless of the copious amount of documents and legal instructions presented by the ‘defendants’.

I found this really disturbing as it made me wonder if other individuals might react the same way as the school director did. In case you or I posted something personal on facebook or other social media account, with a general meaning, not illegal but somehow teasing the potential audience, would it have consequences in the real world? You know, like that girl who posted a picture of herself in a bathtub and facebook thought her elbows were the nipples of her disturbingly massive breasts.

Or if I post “Israel has the right to invade Palestine!” and maybe my job opportunities in a Human Rights Office will vanish if the director disagrees with this opinion (and I mean, who wouldn’t disagree? ).

Source: Any comparison from a 1946 history book and today's CNN reports

Source: Any comparison from a 1946 history book and today’s CNN reports

As far as I’m not downloading or distributing child pornography, reselling weapons or drugs, organizing Justin Bieber concerts, or posting pictures of videos of cute cats doing cute stuff (really? Why do we keep worshipping this phenomenon on the internet?) I think we shall be given the benefit of the doubt by our co-workers, employers and colleagues.

The question is: Do my different professional and social circles (I’m not referring to Google+, nobody goes there) have the right to apply sanctions that will deteriorate my quality of life because of something I posted on facebook or any other social media site?

Ps1. Let Palestine become a sovereign state!

Ps2. Here’s the link to a video of two cute cats doing cute stuff.

Ps3. Remember, this happened in a school in Mexico, but we are all humans and this behaviour can be found in any society to a certain extent.


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