Up, Down, Centre and Mezcal!

Don’t panic and drink Mezcal. I recently read that in a friend’s facebook status. This brought me here, to write about Mezcal and what it means to me. We all know that tequila is Mexico’s national drink. We all love/hate tequila, but regardless how we feel towards it, we always end up drinking it somehow, somewhere during a night out. We shall not forget that Mezcal is all around, waiting for us to give it a try.

Photograph by Naren Young and Susanna Blavarg at La Casa del Mezcal

But Mezcal is something else, even though tequila is more popular (Tequila is a mezcal made specifically from the blue agave in a few regions of the country), Mezcal is increasing its demand among locals nowadays. Mezcal is a nahuatl world which means ‘oven cooked agave’, and its flavour depends on where the heart of the maguey is from (called piña or pineapple), the spices added, the aging process, etc. It turns out as a wonderful spirituous drink, but be careful, mezcal is stronger than tequila.

If you want to try great mezcal for the first time, combined with a wonderful place, visit Oaxaca City, located in the Soutwestern state of Oaxaca in Mexico. I drank it there for the first time during the Guelaguetza Festival in 2009, and I was delighted. Mezcal isn’t just a drink, it is an excuse to get together with friends, to abandon stress and celebrate life.

Ps. You can also find Mezcal at many supermarkets in Mexico and the US (mostly Walmart).

Ps2. Try it with wedges of a bitter variety of an orange (called “naranjita”).

Ps3. I know what you are thinking: What about the worm? The worm is optional, more like a decorative addition for tourists.


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