Eat, Design and Carry On

As I have told you (yes, you, my five readers), I’ve returned to Mexico. In this slow process of re-adaptation, I’ve been inspired by several people, whom have followed their dreams and materialized their projects. Two of them have inspired me to write this post.

Inspired by the movie Sidewalls (Medianeras), set in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Florencia Gaffner; a gorgeous Argentinian girl with an amazing sense of humour and the most entertaining way to tell stories. Flor (as we call her, which means “flower” by the way) is a graphic designer and a film lover as she describes herself every time she introduces herself. Following her dreams she dared to share with the world beautiful patterns. Opy’s Patterns Project is an outstanding and enjoyable blog. Here, she explains briefly (however, with literary grace) what influences her to design each new pattern. Zoe Walker, writer for VIVA Magazine NZ “loved it”, and believe me, someone like her can’t be wrong.

Melissa Suki is a great chef with an awesome vibe, and just like my

“Because a morning without coffee is something without something”

other mate, she isn’t afraid of following her dreams. She opened her own business “Cafe de Papel” (or “Paper Coffee”), a great combination of a coffee place, a dinning and a casual library. Suki has combined her cooking skills with her love for culture and art (she proclaims herself a “hipster”, but she is cool, don’t you worry). Great ambiance, lovely furnished place and glorious food (actually, one of the few places in Mexico where you can find decent coffee).

The moral of these stories is simple, follow your dreams, don’t take crap from anybody, keep calm, carry on, materialize your fantasies, don’t fear success and take the leap.

Ps 1. Follow Florencia here:

Ps2. Follow Cafe de Papel over here: and here: This place is located in Monterrey (Filosofos 207, close to Tec de Monterrey)


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