Guadalajara and Tortas Ahogadas

I finally arrived to my beloved Mexico, and what a better place to visit first than Guadalajara. Located five hours to the west of Mexico City, it’s the second largest city in the country.  “Guanatos”, full of historical structures, amazing cuisine and friendly people, it’s a must-do when visiting Mexico.

When I got off the plane I was expecting an abrasive heat, due to being used to the North of Mexico’s weather before going to New Zealand; instead, a lovely 25 Celsius and a refreshing breeze welcomed me. Guadalajara is located in the state of Jalisco; for further reference, the municipality of Tequila is located in the same state. That’s right, Jalisco is the home of that famous Mexican spirit: Tequila.

The highlight of my trip, besides visiting the historic sites and going to a football match (Mexican most popular sport), was eating two typical dishes: Torta Ahogada and Birria. If you go to Guadalajara and you don’t try tequila from a local distillery, Birria from “El Chololo” and a torta ahogada, well, you didn’t really visit this Western Pearl.

Torta ahogada, as described in the link, is basically a birote bread (kind of hard and crunchy) filled with pork meat and submerged in a spicy red sauce (with a ‘just tomato’ sauce if you aren’t into spicy food). Maybe Tovin Lapan, from the University of Michigan could explain better the essence of this unforgettable dish in his article: “Ode to the Torta Ahogada“. Everybody has his/her favourite spot where to get the Torta Ahogada, I ate it at the “Las Famosas” at the city centre, and it was amazing, the combination of bread, pork, sauce and onions is a full on experience. If you are planning a trip to Mexico, give Guadalajara a chance and spend a long weekend there, you wont regret it.

Ps. Same sex marriage shouldn’t be an issue; this right should be granted to those who wish to engage in a long term commitment legalized by their government and tolerated by their con-nationals, period.

Ps2. I’m feeling much better, if you were wondering. Moctezuma’s revenge was awful, and I’m a little hesitant to over indulge myself with pork fat, hot sauces and seafood… at least for now.


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