Mexican Gold – London 2012

It isn’t a coincidence the gold medal obtained by the Mexican Soccer Team at the London Olympic Games 2012. This generation of young Mexicans has been working hard and rationally since they won the Under-17 World Cup in 2005. Their effort and perseverance shows in the outstanding results they have gained in the last 7 years.

Thankfully, Mexico is getting used to these triumphs. If you aren’t familiar with the Mexican identity and the “bucket of crabs” syndrome, Mexicans tend to underestimate themselves and harshly criticize their countrymen in their successes and achievements.

This cultural flaw (as I consider it) is (little by little) not as common anymore. Mexicans, not only in sporting events, have shown the world and their country that they are capable of amazing things. We’ve seen great results in literature, science, sports and economics which have placed Mexico (and Mexicans) as an example and role model for many developed countries. Mexico winning this gold medal at the Olympics shouldn’t surprise the world nor Mexico, and we all must get use to appreciate these efforts and to individually emulate them within our borders (I mean in Mexico, and Texas, and California, and … well, wherever we have Mexicans pursuing their dreams).

“We just entered the history books of Mexican sport. We have given our people an immense joy. This is unforgettable.” – Defender Marco Fabian

Ps. The national media will be flooded with news regarding this great result against Brazil, however, I recommend following the international media for an objective perspective.

Ps2.Oh, by the way: Members of a Mexican drug cartel were seized in Madrid, Spain yesterday. One of the detainees has some pictures in his Facebook account standing next to the incoming president Enrique Pena Nieto at a campaign event (naughty naughty).


2 thoughts on “Mexican Gold – London 2012

  1. First of all, the U-17 World Cup held in Peru was in 2005, not in 2007. And, who is Carlos Fabian? It seems that football is not your thing, but it’s appreciated that you made a post about this achievement.

    • You are totally right, I’ve updated the text already. I got carried away without checking Marco Fabian’s name and trusted my memory for the first Under-17 championship, :P. Thanks, at least I know that somebody is reading this hehe

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