The Big Brother Games

International events have been a good place for activists, NGOs and other individuals to make their voices be heard by millions following the event.

The Olympics aren’t exempted from this phenomenon. Recently, members of the Occupy Wall Street movement showed their discontent during the broadcasting of the opening ceremony and following sporting events. The same was done by Mexican citizens confronting the Televisa journalists for not covering the recent Mexican presidential elections in a fair way (according to them).  And so on, international activists will be using the Olympic games as media platform to spread their demands and messages.

Although, among these protesters, there’s one fascinating story, which might be interesting to follow. The Counter Olympics Network is a group of 40 activist groups, that joined forces against the vicious corporate practices of our capitalist world. From the Occupy London movement to those against allowing McDonalds and other companies to sponsor the games; but not forgetting the local citizens who are against anti-aircraft missiles near the Olympic Stadium in Stratford (“east London to prevent any possible airborne terror attack” – The NZ Herald). They will be all around during the games.

Just remember, London 2012 will be one of safest games in modern history, and the electronic eye of big brother will follow everybody’s moves in the most video monitored city in the world. This network, regardless of being right or wrong on their demands, are the least of the UK’s government worries at the moment, as a super secured London may trigger evil to strike on softer spots outside the English capital city.

Ps: Beautiful ceremony, however, no matter how much the British “heritage” was shown during the opening show, you need more than that to match Beijing 2008.

Ps2. Big controversy in Mexican media and social networks regarding the Mexican delegation outfits during the opening ceremony. The BBC thought they were the most original and colorful; in Mexico some mentioned they look like walking piñatas.

Ps3. The Queen and Bond; Mr Bean and McCartney, just fabulous.


Interesting links:

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