Travelling Light

Travelling light is an art. It’s not easy just to bring a ‘few’ things to your trip, you have to think through all the possible situations that you might face during your journey. For that reason, we want to be prepared for all of them. Over the years I learnt how to travel light, how to be sure that every single thing I was packing will be useful in my trip.

I remember just going for a weekend away, when I was a tourist guide, just carrying a back pack. Other friends, for example, will carry a massive suitcase just for a three days trip.

Just remember this when you are traveling:

  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Bring layers, this will make it easier to adapt to weather changes during your journey.
  • Comfortable and durable shoes are essential
  • Give your itinerary to a couple of friends, never leave without telling someone when and where you are traveling
  • Bring enough underwear and socks
  • You don’t need to bring 15 pairs 0f shoes just for the weekend, do you?
  • Avoid dodgy neighbourhoods, just ask the locals where not to go at night

If you are going back home, after living for a while in a different country (which is my case at the moment), there might be enough websites or local markets where you could sell your stuff and make some money for your trip back.

Don’t be a hoarder*; you don’t need to take those hats, books, receipts or bills back to your country, do you? Remember to always have in your carry on an extra pair of socks, a book, water, earplugs and some energy bars.

For some travelling tips and amazing articles don’t forget to visit Indie Travel Podcast, they really know what they are doing. and follow them on Twitter @indietravel

Ps. Speaking of travelling, if you read “Life of Pi”, let me tell you that the trailer is now out there .



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