The Elected Puppet

Mexico recently voted for president on July the 1st. Enrique Pena Nieto was elected president in a very irregular and muddy electoral process.  Insinuations of drug cartels’ money involved in the election are increasing and, somehow, these assumptions sound plausible.

The main argument is that this candidate was imposed by the media, the drug cartels and the political elite. Accusations made by the left wing party keep on coming, where they estimate that almost 5 millions votes were bought by the elected candidate. Die Spiegel, Le Monde, Univision, BBC, The Guardian, The New Zealand Herald, have covered the events and most of them concluded that the election was dubious, full of irregularities and that the elected candidate is just a puppet of the Revolutionary Institutional Party.

Recently, a long time journalist, Pedro Ferriz de Con, was ceased from his duties (he was the anchorman of a news program in Radio and TV). The reason? There’s a clip on youtube  where he talks about the elected candidate, he uses words as “ignorant” and “blunt” to describe Pena Nieto. He calls him arrogant and part of a political group that has taken advantage of the Mexican political system. This talk took place in November 2011, before the presidential campaigns started, however, the elected president didn’t forget.

Is this what Mexican journalist should be expecting from the elected government for the next six years? There’s fear in the middle and upper class families who didn’t support Pena Nieto; fear that if they speak up they will be repressed, fired or something harsher might happen to them.

One thing is certain, this journalist wasn’t mistaken, this will be one of the most ignorant presidents in Mexican history. His administration will be watched closely by the international media and NGOs; citizens will not stay quiet thanks to social media, and I don’t think freedom of speech will be ceased. However, any expression of disagreement against his administration should be done carefully, as he’s known for human rights violations when repressing civilians that were showing their discontent in Atenco, 2006.

Ps. It’s a tragedy what happened in Aurora, Colorado during the Batman premier screening. I read one comment that made some sense: “the US will increase the security measures to get into cinema theaters  first, rather than revising their firearm policy”. 

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