Fifty Shades of… Double Standards?

No, I haven’t read this master piece, although, I will try my best to give a non objective opinion of this book.

The first time I heard of Fifty Shades of Grey (The story of love and bondage, masochism and endurance between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey) was through a good female friend of mine. Every time she’ll start talking about this book she’ll blush and her lips will twitch, her “r”s will be rolled harsher and her smile will grow wider.  Some say that its words are strong, sensual and erotic enough to make you start “dripping with desire”.

This book has been mentioned by some of my friends on facebook, and it got me thinking “can an erotic book be really this popular?”. Fair enough, it is entertaining. But, as the NZ Herald said “will win no prices for its prose”, there’s a certain fascination for this book coming from the female readers. Dubbed as “mommy porn”, jolly and easy to read, this book touches an aspect of female sexuality in a way that escapes to most, due to how it is portrait: BDSM (Bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism) on women, in other words: female submission. It makes you wonder, this kind of ‘literature’ captivating a great audience from its release (31 million copies sold), can tell us, really, what women want. Does it really? I found that some of its readers are educated and successful women, independent and strong, however, this book presents women as individuals seeking for submission and physical oppression (what? too harsh?), at least on the imaginary scenario brought by E. L. James.

I must say that this book represents a way to escape reality into a submissive romantic an erotic passage that somehow is desired by some, (as far as it stays in the pages of the book) and misunderstood by most. Do you think it is a double standard that women can read this book and discuss it openly with their friends but men can’t openly watch porn and then talk about it with their friends? I wonder if I’ll ever see the day when a guy tells another at the office “hey man, I sent you a link of a 5 min clip of these Japanese twins in a BDSM scene, off the hook, you’ll be dripping with desire”.

My favourite review:

“…this is maybe what bothered me the most, she is never hungry despite the numerous cardio-heavy sex scenes”. – Jessica Napier, Metro News Canada

Ps. The cover of the book fascinates me, why? The tie is freaking awesome.

Ps2. Did you know that this book was developed from the Twilight fan fiction “Master of the Universe”?

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2 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of… Double Standards?

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  2. As past history is composed by the victors, so S&M is composed by the Ss,
    and the trouble with sadists is that they overemphasize.
    If the Marquis de Sade believes any sort of yard– variety submissive is
    going to get a kick out of having their back cracked on a cartwheel,
    he’s dreaming.

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