Cooking is My Happy Place

I studied International Relations, later completed my masters in Human Rights. I’m pursuing a career in foreign affairs, human rights advocacy and/or politics. I reckon I could do some good and give something in return, every body hurts, some how, and every body should heal, more often.

In this endeavor, I struggle to keep my line of thought clear and focused, there’s too much to study, places where to go, and people to meet. As well, I need to keep on working to survive, pay for my rent, food, transportation, clothes, all those things that give us certainty that actions translate in benefits (to a certain extent). There’s plenty of stress going on, but I have a happy place: cooking.

When the day ends, there’s only one thought in my mind, “what to cook tonight?”. It means the world to me being able to express myself through food, flavours, combination of textures, fresh ingredients, crispy herbs, heavenly pork, sweet bread, gorgeous garlic and amazing sauces. There’s a place where I feel myself, it’s in the kitchen, chopping, slicing, grilling, baking, stirring, spicing, marinating, and just transforming simple ingredients into something magical.

Find your happy place, my happy place smells and tastes amazing.