Yes we can

As we explore different approaches to our lives while we grow older, we can’t but admire those who have found happiness and achieved success. This is a statement you won’t hear often. We try to emulate what we consider is the most appropriate pattern in order to reach our goals and approval by others. I think we should reinvent ourselves every day, laugh more, walk more, cry often, wink in a more noticeable way, shake hands, hug, run, drink more water, look at the sky every minute, cheer strangers, donate money and food, we should try to be more humans.

In this life, the only one we have as far as we know, we must consider ourselves lucky, loved and unique. Individuals with dreams, fears and original thoughts but tied to our kind, which aims to evolve, revolve and mature as a specie. Our first world problems blind us often from what’s within others’ souls. Open your eyes and watch, don’t glance.

My story is about an average man who has wandered around the world and his soul in order to understand what’s beyond his comprehension. A man who has dreamt and awaken several times, because I reckon we should always have enough time to dream and plenty of time to make those dreams come true.

I’ve found the answers to these questions and thoughts through traveling, friends, relatives, lovers, recipes and acceptance of my reality as an average man living in an amazing world, an average man who is running out of time.